Dog Beach

August 12, 2000

After watching "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" morning and night since Tuesday, Mommy and Daddy decided it was time for a change. So we got up early this morning and took Banshee and Astro to Dog Beach. I was frightened of the water at first, but that's ok because so was Astro. I started to have fun after a little while. Daddy & I were throwing the ball for Banshee and I forgot to be afraid. I didn't ever go all the way in the water, but Banshee sure did, about 100 times!!

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Dog Beach #1
Banshee loves the water and ran right in!
Dog Beach #2
From the wet sand into the water is a leash-free zone, but we left hers on in case we needed to grab her real quick (it's been awhile since the dogs have been out in public.)
Dog Beach #3
"I got the ball, Dad, here I come!"
Dog Beach #5
I wasn't about to turn my back on the water. I was sure it would sneak up on me and knock me down.
Dog Beach #4
Banshee is waiting patiently for Daddy to throw the ball again.
Dog Beach #6
"Mommy, I don't wanna go in the water!"
Dog Beach #8
"Throw the ball already!!"
Dog Beach #7
Me & Astro hangin' out... out of reach of the water.
Dog Beach #9
Astro, Banshee & Daddy
Dog Beach #11
I'm starting to have fun now. The wet sand was squishing under my toes, it made me feel like dancing.
Dog Beach #10
I'm still not real sure about this.
Dog Beach #12
I finally got to throw the ball for Banshee.
Dog Beach #13
On your mark, get set, ...
Dog Beach #14
Time to calm down now.

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